Kim + Cody's Organic Morning Wedding at The Sanctuary (Austin, TX Wedding Photographer)

This wedding is extra special to me as it's one of my oldest and dearest friends who did the wedding-ing. :) Kim and I grew up two houses away from each other since we were about 4, separated by a house where two sisters lived- both who are also some of our closest friends to this day. The four of us grew up constantly back and forth the three houses, spending the night, playing in the bayou behind our row of homes, putting on plays for our parents and creating something we still fondly refer to as "The Four Friends Art Room." I could ramble on and on about how much each of these gals means to me but I'll focus on Kim for now. She is truly one of the most talented humans I've ever know- she's an unreal artist, has a beautiful voice and affinity for the banjo and I reckon she can still pull out some of her old soccer tricks. But beyond her creative mind and athletic build (seriously, she is a machine with killer abs) is the most humble human I've ever known. Her perception not only allows her to make you feel heard and understood but she also always, always, always knows just what to say to you to make you feel, for lack of better words, at home.

Kim met Cody a few years back and I am just a little bit in love with how much they love one another. Isn't it sort of the best thing, to watch a good man just adore one of your best friends? They decided to get married on a beautiful morning at The Sanctuary here in Austin in August. The decor was organic and lovely, the coffee was flowing (thanks to Amaya), and Kim looked like a dream. Brittney and I had decided to gift photography as our wedding present to the couple and it was hard to keep a dry eye while we worked. The ceremony was emotional and touching and Cody's two adorable girls received Kim as their "extra mom" making it all the more moving. And then we celebrated with a delectable brunch by Native Family Catering and some sweet toasts from friends and family. We ended with some silly photos of our Four Friends Art Room (although we were missing sweet Aubrey who was busy about to give birth to a real live human!!!) and our husbands- which I guess makes it Four Friends Art Room & Co.- a community of people I'm so thankful to have in my life.  

Congratulations Kim & Cody! :)